Holland Adventure 2018

Your host: Arjen Sundman

We are reaching the point where we have to nail down attendees for next year’s Holland Adventure hosted by yours truly.

You are receiving this because you have expressed an interest in joining us on this trip.

This adventure will include accommodations (shared rooms – we will be hiring an entire house), all ground transportation and most meals (I’ll get into that in more detail).

The Itinerary

Zaanse Schans

This is a living museum of windmills north of Amsterdam. It is also located adjacent the Droste Chocolate factory. I only mention it, because if the wind is blowing from the west, you will be tortured while shooting with the smell of dark Dutch chocolate.



This city about 45 mins north of Amsterdam is well known as the base of the Holland Cheese Market. It is often described as a mini Amsterdam.



This small village in North Holland sports no fewer than five windmills out in the countryside.


Broek in Waterland

This is a super picturesque small village that is basically impossible to drive around in.


This is the Dutch city I call home. We’ll be doing sunset here. We will need to get there about 3 hours before sunset as this place is stinking cute!



This is the famous Dutch Flower display.


Amsterdam – At night

What photographer can resist the night scenes around Amsterdam?


Amsterdam – Begijnhof

This is an oasis in the middle of old Amsterdam where you are taken back to the 16th century. It is a nunnery, but we are allowed to walk through parts of it and take pictures.


Amsterdam Canal Boats

Yes it’s campy, but an essential part of any Amsterdam visit


Amsterdam – Rijksmuseum

This is an optional outing to the Dutch Royal Museum. You’ll get your Rembrandt on here.


Amsterdam – van Gogh Museum

This is an optional outing to the van Gogh Museum. It is by far the highest concentration of artworks by this famous Dutch Artist.


Amsterdam – Anne Frank Huis

This famous young lady’s diary needs no introduction. If you are interested in this item, we need to get tickets way in advance…so please let me know.


Amsterdam – Red Light District

I will be guiding whoever wants to experience this part of Amsterdam through the smallest alleyways. Despite what you might expect, this is not a scary outing at all. It is all very businesslike in Amsterdam. This is a limited photo outing. Photos of the ladies are forbidden and enforced.


King’s Day

The whole reason for the timing of this trip. We’ll be walking in very crowded streets! Try to plan for a walk around setup and one or two lenses. I will just use a fanny pack on this day.



The lowest spot in South Holland is also the spot where you will find the highest concentration of Windmills in Holland…19! The best shots I have taken here are at sunset.



This is a marvel of engineering. A dike that separates the North Sea from the inland sea of central Holland (the IJsselmeer). It runs 22 miles over what used to be open ocean. It is so big that a full freeway graces one shoulder of the dike.


Sneek Waterpoort

This is a famous canal gate into the old city of Sneek (pronounced Snake). We’ll also be walking around this historic town.


Horse Ranch Marum

This is a Fresian Horse facility owned and operated by my family. We’ll have a chance to check out what a real Dutch Drussage boarding facility looks like.



This super picturesque house on the canal is irresistible.


Reitdiephaven, Groningen

This colorful development makes for great sunset shots.

The Ugly

The current budget is $2495pp ex airfare

This will pay for an entire house in Abcoude (very cute small town about 30 mins from the center of Amsterdam). This is an excellent base for operations since no spot in the Netherlands is more than 90 mins away. Most of the itinerary is less than an hour from the house.

We will have our own minibus. This is basically a van with seating for 9. I want to limit this trip to 8 because we need room for gear. All fuel and vehicle insurance is included. I will be driving.

The budget will pay for food for the house. It will also allow us to go out for most dinners. You are on your own for lunch. Holland is practically where snack food was invented, so grazing is pretty easy.

Admissions to museums are your own responsibility.

To secure your spot, I will need a $500 deposit for each person wanting to join us.